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This years Outdoors Sportsman Event was a great Success. (Even if a little rain did fall) I say this because I
witnessed a little boy with his new bible. His joy was amazing to witness. They say if you can just reach one somebody than it was all worth while. I can tell you that this little boy was touch and when he showed it to his mom she was excited for him. SO THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!! I even received a phone call here at the office saying that this event is amazing and the caller wished his church and county would get together and do something like it.
The cup of cold water ministry gave out more than usual cups of water because festival attendance was larger than past few years. SO a big Thank You to all the workers in this ministry.

The WCBA Annual Meeting is OCTOBER 8th @ Rogersville First Baptist Located @ 101 W Center. Time is 2 o’clock.
Ladies Night Out is November 4th from 5-730pm. Please RSVP here at the association office either call or email. We
need to get a possible count because dinner will be served. If coming you might bring a dessert.

Speaking of Rogersville First Baptist Church, They are looking for a PT music director. Mail resume to PO Box 79 Rogersville Mo 65742-0079 or Email   They will be accepting resumes until October 15th.

At the Choices Pregnancy Banquet , It was pointed out By the Keynote Speaker Cassidy Bowen Anderson that in
March2023 initiative petitions(IPS) were filed with the Missouri Secretary of state’s office that seek to enshrine a right to abortion in our Missouri Constitution. The IP is the process by which individuals can seek to put language on the ballet for voters to amend(change) our states Constitution . They then need to collect enough signatures in support of their petition.

SO please be CAREFUL of what you sign . Language can be deceiving and we know who the author of deception is…
Under all versions of the Initiative, the proposed amendment would…forbid fathers of unborn children to have the right of advanced notice or the right to have any legal standing to prevent it. We serve a heavenly FATHER and know how important fathers are.Under some versions it would allow abortions until the moment of birth. Some initiatives are so broadly worded thats courts might force Pregnancy Centers to be licensed by the authorities and to refer for abortions.  STAND WITH US TO KEEP MISSOURI PRO_LIFE! DECLINE TO SIGN
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